County Hunting

Check Me Out Running Mobile With the ARPS System in the Car

County Hunting is one of many amateur radio activities. There are over a thousand hams who have worked all of the US counties. Some have done it several times. Those who have done it once enjoy doing it a second time or attempting to work them in some restricted manner, like all CW, all Mobile or all on one band. Your imagination is the limit as to what can be done. It has even been done QRP mobile.

I have worked all of the counties CW having finished them the first time in December 1996. I am currently working them a second time, again all CW. I am also working them QRP, although that is not getting in the way of getting them a second times. I have to keep the priorities straight. And finally in a weak moment I embarked on working them all QRPp. For those not familiar with the QRP world that means running under 1 Watt.

CW County Hunter Net Proceedures

Those Working the Counties all QRP


Some issues in county hunting that I find of special interest.
GPS, Map Standards and County Lines
County Lines - Rules, Examples
What City Counts for What County
The Virginia Cities
Kalawao County, HI

The Mobile Station

Kenwood TS50s

The antennas available for mobile use are

Hustler with the spider mount

A shortened Hustler - this is for the YLs minivan. We don't hit as many trees with it.


Outbacker Perth

W9UCW Mobile Antenna

This setup has been used for WAS mobile to mobile

It has also been used to transmit from 443 counties in 23 states

I have also used it to run QRP mobile from 137 counties in 10 states

A brief description of a typical one day mobile trip to give out counties

I am coordinating an effort using the MARAC Club call, K9DCJ to complete USA-CA all CW


One of the Main County Hunting WebSites - countyhunter.com

The WD3P Home Page

Contact WD3P at wd3p@arrl.net