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WD3P Field Day 2002



USA-CA 913




WAS at 1,000 miles+ per Watt

The Home QTH - Croom, Maryland

Current Pursuits and Games I Play

Worked All States
How much power does it really take?
Fun with mWatts.

Worked All States
Now with both operators
running less than one watt.

More Fun with mWatts.

How much power for DXCC?
It is more fun with mWatts.
Work in Progress

WAS with a 9 Volt Battery.
I must be crazy. But what fun!
The K1 and a 9 Volt NiMH Battery
Not done yet!!!

Now to Work the Counties.
But let's use less than one watt each.
I need lots of help for this one.

I can be reasonable.
But I've already done the Counties at 5 watts.

The last 100 for USA-CA QRP

A Story - The Quest for USA-CA QRO, QRP, and QRPp

Best QSO - Fixed Station - W4VQ in FL at 2 mWatts - about 367,200 miles per watt

The Best Mobile - W1/VE2EM/M - Addison County, VT at 0.8 mWatts - more than 487,000 miles per watt

At times I write up short pieces about some of my activites. Here are a few.
FL QSO Party QRPp Style - April 2003
GA QSO Party QRPp Style - April 2003
OK QSO Party QRPp Style - March 2003
WI QSO Party QRPp Style - March 2003
VA QSO Party QRPp Style - March 2003
QRPp for County Hunters - 3M - October 2002
County Hunting Contest - QRP Mobile - May 2002
NA QSO party & 10 NiMH Batteries- January 2002
The Holiday Milliwatt Contest - December 2001
FL QSO party - April 2001
The Appalachian Trail - May 2000
PA QSO party - October 1999
CA QSO party - October 1999
GA QSO party - July 1999
The Flight of the Bumblebees - July 1999
Running Counties Mobile - December 1998
CA QSO party - October 1998
The Top of the World - September 1998

More on My County Hunting
More on My QRP Fun

Time for a Bit of History

After getting 5BWAS, 5BDXCC, and USA-CA I turned to QRP During the summer of 1997.

The QRO stuff was just too easy.

Of special interest is homebrewing and QRP portable operation.

I can also be found running mobile - mainly for County Hunting.

QRP work has netted me WAS with a total power output of 2.3 watts.

I have worked all states at 500 mWatts or less.

I was the first to work USA-CA all QRP CW.

2,629 Counties worked with less than 1 Watt.

My prime mode has always been CW.

97% of the 45,000+ QSOs in the log are CW.

For the past year I have been 99% CW, 98% QRP, and 53% QRPp.

The Home Station

The Big Rig is a Kenwood TS570s

Both a K2 and a K1 are frequently in use

Dual band dipole for 10 meters and 15 meters

A dipole for 20 meters

Dual band dipole for 40 meters and 80 meters

A dipole for 160 meters - Currently sitting on the ground

Butternut Vertical tuned only for 80 meters

Some day I'll figure out a reason to put up a tower.

View a Few of My Homebrew QSL Cards

Contact WD3P at wd3p@arrl.net

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